Original Xiaomi Youpin LI1 DUKA Laser Angle Casting Instrument Goniometer, Single Laser Version

  • Dhs. 135.58

1. Use high-brightness LD red laser source, low energy consumption, horizontal and vertical measurement at the same time, multi-grid strong light spots are clearly gathered, strong penetrating power, and the distance is still clear no matter how far away
2. Surface anodized + fine sandblasting, creating excellent metal texture
3. The screen adopts ultra-wide double-sided LED color screen, high-definition smooth and smooth surface, measurement response per second, real-time data display
4. Light weight, small size, easy to carry
5. Using reinforced anti-drop metal shell, not easy to break, durable
6. The combination of revolutionary technology based on micro-electromechanical system and advanced software technology realizes high-precision measurement with an accuracy better than +/-0.5 degrees

1. Charging port: Type-C
2. Laser wavelength: 660nm
3. Laser class: Class 2
4. Degree of protection: IP54
5. Indoor distance: about 10 meters
6. Battery capacity: 730mah
7. Working mode: absolute angle + relative angle
8. Size: 120x20x35mm
9. Weight: 95g

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.17kgs / 0.37lb
One Package Size 15cm * 5cm * 5cm / 5.91inch * 1.97inch * 1.97inch
Qty per Carton 80
Carton Weight 12.46kgs / 27.47lb
Carton Size 30cm * 20cm * 50cm / 11.81inch * 7.87inch * 19.69inch
Loading Container 20GP: 888 cartons * 80 pcs = 71040 pcs
40HQ: 2063 cartons * 80 pcs = 165040 pcs