2km laser finder range black laser level measure

Dhs. 1,157.99
Measurement Accuracy
  • ±0.3m±0.1%
Measurement Range
  • 5-2000m


Products Appearance

Products Appearance


IMG_3589.png IMG_3611.png
Technical Parameters

 Technical Parameters

The main technical index: Details:
Wavelength:  905nm 
Max Ranging Distance: 2000m
Ranging method Semiconductor laser ranging (no harm to the human eye)
Ranging Error ±0.3m±0.1%
Ranging display mode The LCD display in the field of view/Eyepiece
effective objective lens diameter 20mm
Magnification 5.8 (6.8) x
Field of view  5.6 (4.95) x
Focus way  eyepiece focus in manually
Measuring height and Angle  ±90 °
Objective diameter 25mm
Outlet diameter 3.8mm (4.1)
exit distance 12mm
Focus mode Eyepiece focusing
Ranging from vision 122m/1000m
Lens coating multi-layer coating
Ranging mode RAIN; RELF; >150; no display is the standard mode.
Min Ranging from Distance 1m
Distance Resolution 1m
Power supply 3V 
Working Temperature:  -10℃~+50℃
Dimensions 38X74X104mm
Weight 130g (not including battery)
Function 7 Mode: Ranging, Speed, Angle, Parabola, Horizontal, Vertical, Continuous Measure.
Products Features

 Products Features

1.0 Design

Item-Pre 1. High Accuracy: ±0.3m accuracy, 0.1m resolution for measurement.
2. High Resolution: 6X Zoom Eyepiece with high resolution, easy to adjust the focal length of the eyepiece, get a clearer field of view.
3. Logo Customized is available.
4. Elastic Painting, smooth appearance and to avoid scratching the product.
5. Color Customized: Camouflage, Green, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, Grey, Color as your requirement.
6. Battery: 1pc 3V CR2, convenient to replace and take out, 20s auto shutdown when not in use, Low power consumption, and long service life.
7. MODE: 7 MODE easy to switch, measuring distance, speed, angle, etc.

2.0 Range& Accuracy


1. Range:
For Golf and Hunting
For UAV and Scout
2. Accuracy:

Accuracy: ±0.3m, Resolution: ±0.1m
Target: For Human, Vehicle, Building, Tower, Bridge, UAV


3.0 7 Mode Exchange -Hunting

7 Modes:


Single Measurement 1-4

Mode 1: Measuring Distance & Angle
Mode 2: Measuring

Distance & Horizontal & Vertical
Mode 3: Measuring Distance & Parabola & Angle
Mode 4: Measuring Speed


Continuous Measurement 5-7
Mode 5: Measuring Distance & Angle
Mode 6: Measuring Parabola & Angle
Mode 7: Measuring Speed

Products Application

Products Application




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