V55 dash camera 4k car dvr with wifi GPS dashcam sony 2 channel dual lents dash cam front and rear 4k car camera dash cam

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Memory Capacity
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●About 24h Monitoring: The DVR is only compatible with cars that have a 12V power supply. A 24V power supply will burn the
motherboard. If you want to use 24V, please add a 24V to 12V Converter(BL).Please contact the salesperson
●About Video: Our Car DVR is FHD 2K Video Recorder,must use high quality Class 10 TF Card, any low quality/low speed TF card all
can't support our DVRs work normally, if you can't make sure you have good TF Card,please buy our Original TF Card together.
Avant-Garde Design
Created by professional design studio, modern appearance with most suitable stand angle design.3.0 inch larger scren can provide a
better vision and experience
Smart Chip
Based on powerful Novatek 966675 CPU, the dual lens simultaneously capture.
1.front and rear at 2560*1440@30fps+1920*1080P 30fps.
2.Or utilize the front camera only to record front at 3840*2160@24fps, 2560*1440@30fps and 1920*1080@30fps.
SONY IMX335 lmage Sensor
With the Sony image processing chip, it adopts full high-definition image processing technology, and adopts high-fidelity H2.64
video encoding and storage compression method, and the video image is clear and delicate.
Ultra Wide Angle
This car driving recorder employs 170 super wide angle lens. Ultra-wide field of view reduces the blind spots and captures more
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
White jump and black pour,back light is also very strong, even in the place of poor brightness can clearly record the image.
A sudden change in frontal light exposure levels can result in excessively bright or dark recordings. This creates overexposed and
underexposed identical images, which the camera will combine. It takes the most balanced parts of both images, creating the
recorded image you see.
Loop Recording
When this feature is turned on, the memory card is full and the oldest video will be overwritten by the newly recorded video.
However, videos under special conditions will not be overwritten, such as G-sensor, Parking Monitoring etc. G-Sensor
The built-in G-Sensor with variable sensitivity will lock the current video once it detects a sudden collision,
avoiding the video being overwritten in loop recording mode. A reliable witness for accident.
Super Capacitor
The working principle of supercapacitors is physical discharge, fast charging and discharging.Capacitor power supplies have a
wider temperature range and longer life than cameras using lithium batteries, allowing reliable operation in the hot summers of
Australia and the harsh winters of Alaska.adopts a safer battery-free design to fundamentally eliminate safety risks.
Connect WiFi Control
You can control the DVR by connected mobile phonevia WiFi, like recording video, the file recorded video from the
overwriting.taking photo, playback preview,parameter settings, etc.
APP Connection And Operation Guidance
Step 1: Phone download APP (RoadCam) and installation (the same APP for Apple system and Android system)
Step 2:Dash Cam Open Wifi And Phone is Connected to The Machine'S WiFi.
Dash Cam power on the machine firstly, If the driving recorder is recording, first press the 0K button to stop recording,
and then turn on the WiFi of the driving recorder system. after themachine gets ready, turn on the mobile phone WiFi settings,
look for the WiFi named AP WIFI, and connect. WiFi password is 12345678. ( Kindly remind users not to change the password
in case of forgetting password, the machine will not work properly)
Step 3: Open "RoadCam" when connected with tachograph WiFi.
Step 4: Video Playback and Settings.
GPS Fuction
Easy to access videos with phone App (IOS Android are available), provide an easy way to view, download, share the footage. GPS
will track vehicle’s driving route, speed and other information of every journey, you can view the GPS logs on the phone App and
GPS player for PC.( GPS player for PC Contact us to get the installation package of the GPS player)
Parking Monitor(Opcional)
If you are worried about your car being damaged by someone else after parking, you can use our buck line to connect the DVR to
ensure that the recorder works 24 hours.


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